At one point or another, we’ve all experienced that dream. We closed our eyes and heard the sound of waves gracing the shores in our own backyard. We’ve envisioned gulls overhead with a cold drink in our hand. Now, for you, that dream is a reality! Whether it’s a beach house or a waterfront property, owning a coastal home is a delight unlike any other.

69th Carolopolis Awards 116 Canon Street Exterior

Each year, the Preservation Society celebrates the best of preservation in Charleston and the Lowcountry through the Carolopolis Award program. Coastal Creek Design founder and lead engineer Brian Wells contributed his structural engineering expertise to the award-winning exterior renovation of 116 Cannon Street alongside Julia F. Martin Architects and Archer Construction.

With a new year on the horizon, our team is eager for all the exciting projects we’ll soon bring to life! However, that does not mean we’ll forget about the beautiful homes we’ve designed in the past 12 months.

One of the greatest parts of home ownership is the freedom to personalize your space. Unlike rentals, your home is your canvas.

A kitchen is for more than making tasty meals. It’s where loved ones cook up some of life’s most unforgettable memories.

When several West Ashley residents grew concerned about plans to demolish a historic home at 8 Stocker Drive, it appeared there was little they could do about it. But sometimes, all it takes is to make your voice heard — and treat a developer not as an enemy but as a potential friend who might come around to your point of view.

Inspired by Scandinavian architecture, this West Ashley villa had a night and day transformation thanks to the teamwork of the homeowner, builder, and a local architectural design firm.

Phone with headphones attached and a coffee on a table

Coastal Creek Design founder and lead engineer Brian Wells shares his expertise on home renovation and additions from an engineering perspective with the folks on the Talking About A Home radio show. Click the button below to listen to the full broadcast.

A Pre-Home Renovation Checklist You’ll Be Thankful For   So, you’re preparing to embark on your home renovation journey. Congratulations! Remodeling projects are an exciting adventure that offers homeowners opportunities to enjoy new living spaces without the hassle or headaches of moving.At Coastal Creek Design, we understand there is a lot to consider before even …